Difference About Escorts And Prostitutes

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  • November 4, 2016
  • Most people do not differentiate between an escort and a prostitute. In fact, most guys think a prostitute and an escort are the same. In some sense, both prostitute services and escort services can be said to be the same though an escort is considered more of an all-round entertainment service. However, there is ultimately little difference between being a prostitute and being an escort. The difference comes from the way both escorts and prostitutes earn money. Here are some of the essential differences between an escort and a prostitute:

    Service rates:
    When compared regarding rates charged for their services, there some difference between a prostitute and an escort. Escorts charge much higher rates than prostitutes as they are ordered online and provide a rounder service. Prostitutes are stationed in brothels or walk in the streets looking for men who can hire their services. Due to their discreet and professionalism, escorts are considered more classy than prostitutes and therefore their services are paid much higher rates.

    Escorts and prostitutes are approached for different reasons. For instance, men approach prostitutes just to fulfill their sexual desires. Once the sexual desire has been met, a prostitutes’ services are no longer needed. On the contrary, an escort works in a different way as most of them are hired for entertainment purposes. The work of an escort is to escort the client to various places though a lot of them are also into sex for money.

    Another difference that comes in between an escort and a prostitute is the manner in which they offer their services. Escorts are considered to more professional than prostitutes. For instance, to hire an escort, one is required to book for their services early in advance at an escort agency. One gets an escort as per individual desires. However, a prostitute can be taken hold of from some brothel or street. A client does not need to book for a prostitute’s services.

    Each state has different laws that regulate escort services and prostitution. For instance, in some states, it is a requirement of the law that both escorts and prostitutes be of 18 years and above. In other states, prostitution is illegal whereas escorts are considered to be legal. It is said that since a prostitute does sexual acts just for money, then their services are illegal. On the other hand, an escort is considered to be more of a companion, and any payment made is for the companionship and not for any sexual acts even if they happen. As such, escort girls are considered to be legal.

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