My Secret Past As An Escort

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  • December 23, 2016
  • Before I left London escorts, I made my mind up to never tell my parents that I used to be a London escort who gives great girlfriend experience. A few of the girls that I have worked with at London escorts have told their parents and have in fact more or less been disowned by them. I did not want that happen to me, so I decided that I would never tell my parents that I worked as a London escort.

    I am sure that many girls find themselves in the same situation. They think it is going to be easy to move back home when they leave London escorts. For me, it has been the hardest thing that I have ever had to do. Not only does Winchester in Hampshire feel like a very small place to live in, but it feels like I don’t belong any more. Working for London escorts certainly set me up for life, but I am not sure that it has always made my life easier.

    Not being able to talk to your friends and family what you used to do in London is tough. I have sort of made up stories about what I used to do and keeping them straight is not that easy. Making sure that you don’t give any conflicting information is vital as people may start to wonder what you used to do for a living. It is not that I have a problem having worked for London escorts, but I don’t think that my parents would really understand what London escorts agency’s are all about.

    My friends wonder how I managed to buy a little cottage and start my own business in a village outside of Winchester. I just told them that I worked really hard in London and even held down a couple of jobs. I am sure that some of them are a little bit suspicious what I did in London, but I will never tell them about London escorts. Personally I think that I am lucky having worked for London escorts but they may not agree with me on that one.

    What would I have done if I had stayed in Winchester? I am not sure but I am may even have ended up working in a supermarket like my mom. There is no way that I can say that I can get really excited about Tesco staff discounts like my mom can. At London escorts we did not really have any staff discount to make life worth living but we did earn good money. That is why I have been able to buy my own little cottage and open the florist. My life after London escorts is making me happy and my little business is doing well. I guess one day, I will settle back down to being a country girl again. It would be nice to find a nice guy but at the moment I think that some of the local gents are kind of boring and a bit to good to be true.

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