Love the Greenwich Escorts I met in London

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  • July 9, 2018


    It is true; love happens at an unexpected time and day of our lives. All of us experienced it and gave us incredible memories in life. There are times that we feel tired and surrender but having someone in our life makes us strong and brave to continue our life. Many people need someone to hold, someone to cheer us when we are stumbled and give is reasons to wake up each day. Love is like a paradise, a heaven on earth, all we feel is just pure happiness and no worries. It is like we are on cloud nine, imagining beautiful things and future together with our love. Love makes us a better person, a version that we never expected that we could reach on that level. That is because one person continuously believes in us. A person that enlightens our minds to think of better ways and continue to live. Having someone on our side is everything, we forget our problems for a while and have the best moments with them together. They give us reason to wake up each day happily, having a grateful heart and see everything good. We barely appreciate people around us, the things and nature. We are less drama and less pissed off. It feels like having a good mood every day. According to many couples to be in love is easy but staying in love is hard. There are times your relationship will be put to test, and you have arguments and fights. Always remember that when you encountered such difficulties since it cannot be avoided, still control yourself and emotions. Do not cross limits that can severely hurt your partner such as abuse her/him. Many relationships have broken up because of a partner that is harsh to handle their partner. Some, have cross too much that they beat and say hurtful words that can be developed into depression. We all know how suicidal depression is if not controlled.


    One of beautiful thing that happened to me is to be in love. I never thought that I could find someone who can love me for real. All my life, I am seeking of love since my parents always noticed my brother’s achievements than mine. I have done all my best, being top on class and other extracurricular but still always missing to them. After my college, they have assigned me to manage our business so I have to make the best as I can and make them proud. I castaway at Greenwich, London England and met a Greenwich Escorts from, she is the woman I booked in one of my important events there. I have fallen in love with her beauty and of course her personality. She is a great help in my life.

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